Saturday, October 21, 2017


In this book, You will see another perspective on how blacks have to take a different posture going forward if the group ever truly wants to see real progress. Discrimination can come from many areas and this book will help you identify racism with examples that you can verify for yourself.

In this book, Chris Monroe breaks down the basics and fundamentals of racism in America. Many believe that racism is simply name calling and threats to an individual or group. It goes much deeper than you may realize. Systematic racism is a real problem for minorities in the United States. Learn about the nine areas of battle that African-Americans must compete in to become an independent people. The post-traumatic slavery syndrome still shows it faces on a daily basis in the U.S.

Sample Chapters

The Basics

What is Racism?

Entertainment & Media

We all wanted to be entertained but it is hurting us?


Are the schools really teaching anything?


Where is our economic base?


How is sex being used to distract us?


Do we need more jobs in our community?


Is the Law on our side?


Warfare is real. Do you know who the enemy is?

Politics AKA PoliTRICKS

Should black people participate in politics and voting?


Where did all of these religions come from? Is it helping us?


Chris Monroe also known as Mr. I Stay Woke or the Student Master Teacher is a graduate of Normandy High School class of 2000. He has traveled the world as an active duty supply sergeant in the U.S. Army. He studied paralegal studies and criminal justice in college. He has worked as a club DJ, radio talk show host, public speaker, YouTuber, auctioneer, and even a taxi driver.

After serving overseas in Iraq, he returned to St Louis and was immediately attracted to the resale world. With no jobs available at the time for a hard-working military veteran, he started his own house cleaning business and a consignment business. As a licensed auctioneer and resale professional, he has sold thousands of products and services. In just a few years, he has become a powerful freedom fighter for the liberation of African people. Chris is considered to be a part of the Pan-African movement.

He assists in the local community organization Better Family Life in an attempt to uplift, educate and inspire the youth coming up after him. With his available free time that is left over from running a successful business, he assists others by doing business consultations, product research, development, marketing, and sales. With all of these talents, we can expect to see more great things in the future from this great mind.